Sunday, 11 October 2020

Wander down the canal

 Lovely sunny but fresh day so thought I had better get the camera out and give it an airing just in case the PM's updated restrictions on Covid 19 curtails movement and keeps us indoors again. Came back home got the lawnmower out and cut the patch of grass outside my house, as the council seem to have reverted back to as and when they should cut it.

Nice Autumnal scene, leaves not changed colour yet

This is Town lock, nearest to the Navigation Warehouse

Saturday, 3 October 2020

Graphics Tablet

 In the past I experimented with a small tablet, but found it restrictive for movement, this time after looking at the latest models and finding the Wacom tablets very expensive, I read a load of reviews and ended up opting for a Huion H1060P which is a 10" area to work with, programmable keys and buttons and what clinched the deal was the pen which is battery less, so no charging involved. It arrived today only 2 days after ordering it and after downloading the driver and manual, quick test and totally amazed at the performance.

As it is a large tablet, I will have to add an extension to my desk to accommodate it, so have another project for next week.


Sunday, 20 September 2020


 With the prospect of the weather starting to become wetter and cooler, the day was spent tidying up the garden. Cutting back spent plants, emptying the hanging baskets which did well this year. Clematis which had finished flowering were also cut back. Lavender also got some trimming.It looks like Autumn is on the way.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Annual Boiler Service

Last week we had our annual boiler serviced. Quite impressed with the efficiency and also the magnetic filter fitted, it had very little metal gunk this year. All ready for the autumn and when it gets colder.

Friday, 28 August 2020