Sunday, 27 December 2020

Christmas day.

A strange Christmas day this year with Covid restrictions in place. We stayed home and were visited by family members who were socially distanced and outside in the porch. They were there for a short time and was good to see them all. 

Then it was down to the two of us for Christmas dinne, this time eaten not at a family table, but in front of the TV, it was pointless setting the table just for two. Earlier in the morning we opened our presents and had a good time, just like when we were kids, excitement of taking the wrappings off to discover what was inside.

I had a Chicken Madras curry for my dinner, with a few prawns and duck spring rolls as extras, washed down with a nice Shiraz to complete the mini-feast. Of course it was not the same as having shared the day with family, but staying safe was paramount and there is always next year to catch up. Hope that 2021 brings a bit more normallity to life, but I think that facemasks and the likes will still be with us for quite some time yet.

One of my treasured Christmas gifts from my wife

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