Monday, 8 June 2020

USB SD Card Reader

Years back I had a PC that had a card reader built in and in those days it got used a lot. I recently got my Lumix camera out and had to charge both batteries through lack of use.

Had a specific picture in mind and captured it no problem. Got back indoors and after spending like what seemed ages, found the camera USB lead, plugged the camera in and had forgotten the long winded procedure of getting to the images to download. Eventually figured it out and downloaded the images I wanted, all in all took a while.

Decided to get myself a USB card reader and tried it out today, simple, insert the card, plug it in to the PC, look in the file contents window, find the images, download them to PC and it was so easy, glad I spent £3.55 on the card reader now, job done.

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Anonymous said...

Nice story....

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