Thursday, 18 June 2020

JD Brown part 2

Initially I was employed to operate the black and white processing plant and as time went on I found myself helping out in the Photo Copying and Enlarger department, processing 5 x 4 sheet film and printing out commercial stuff on DeVere cold cathode type enlargers, but still basic white trays of developer, water and fixer, yellow wall lamps and plastic tongs, just like the old days.

JD Brown employed 3 main photographers during my time, Stewart Hill, Ken Lieper and Harry Garland, I looked after the prep for them, loading 35mm cassettes, 5 x 4 sheet film holders et., and also the processing of the film after the lads returned. It was enjoyable work.  I left for a spell of retail photographic experience at another Dundee shop  Largs, in Whitehall Street, where I learned a lot about cameras and all the gear that supports the hobby.

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