Thursday, 25 June 2020

Google Docs

Been around for quite a while, and have never bothered looking at them till a few days back when I was asked to find a workaround to Microsoft Word, now that they operate a subscription to use the program.

I knew that there were several free programs, but the request was for one which would run on a Chromebook, so being a google operating system the obvious choice was Google Docs as it would be installed by default.

So with the seed of possibilities, I spent the best part of the day, playing with Google Docs, the learning curve was not difficult and I found the program really good and it seems that there were advantages over Word which was new to me. The Docs are stored in Google cloud, so always available on whichever piece of hardware you have.

The Docs can be downloaded in various formats even Word, so am glad I took the time to explore what Docs can achieve.

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