Friday, 22 May 2020


Decided to take a walk down town for the first time since lockdown, needed to get a few items from Wilco, sandpaper, WD40, Brasso etc., very blustery day but so warm still.

Arrived at said shop, to find an orderly queue each person 2 metres apart, well impressed. One person on the entry door who waves you in when it is your turn and gives instructions to follow the one way system. Managed to get all my goods and reached the payout desk (all plastic shielding for the cashier), paid by contactless visa card.

Looks like most folks are observing the 2 metre distance rule, which is reassuring.

Job done

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Progress on the Plaque

My five squadron plaque is progressing, leaf nearly dry, brass jet cut out using my jewellers saw, 3/4 " oak not easy to cut, took ages and would have been better if I had a band saw. Jig saw would not touch it. Ran out of Brasso, so still a bit of work to do. 

24th May finished my plaque, painted and varnished the maple leaf and polished my brass Lightning, waxed the oak and glued the items to the plaque.

Enjoyed making the sculptured leaf, DAS air drying clay is great to work with.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

5 Squadron Plaque

My old Binbrook squadron seemingly is set to disband next year, they are currently flying the Radeon Sentinel which they say is no longer needed. I have decided to make a squadron plaque to commemorate the squadron.

Made a start on the first part, a maple leaf made out of DAS air drying clay, it will get painted and varnished when it dries. Next will be a Lightning silhouette which I hope to make out of brass sheet, maybe applying a silver coating, but we will see.


Thursday, 14 May 2020

Open University

During this lockdown to stop getting bored on days I cant get outside, I had a look at the OU open learning courses and found one on "Intro to Cyber Security" so enrolled on the course (a free one) and really enjoyed learning more about a subject I only knew the basics of.

It was advertised as an 8 week course with 24hours of study bur open to the length it takes to complete. I completed the course in less than a week and found the subject very interesting.

I was emailed a statement of Participation cewrtificate and earned an OU open learning badge for my efforts.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

VE Day

Yesterday was spent in a street party in our street, quite a few gathered and although we kept 2 metres apart, it was quite enjoyable to meet the neighbours and share a few stories and some food, biscuits etc., one chap even brought a bottle of whisky which was very welcome.

Monday, 4 May 2020

Vape E Liquid

I don't get through much vape e-liquid, but since lock down I wondered how I could get fresh supplies. No problem, went on to the Vape shop Facebook page and found this service being offered. Have ordered what I need, and it will be delivered today.


Today I tried out the new lawnmower on the bit of council grass patch adjacent to our house. I also bought an electrical extension lead which I thought would be long enough to reach the grass patch, but had to plug in another extension lead. Spent more time clearing the broken twigs from the grass which fall from the silver birch which is now approx 50 feet high. The mower worked a treat, looks quite tidy out there now.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Garage Lighting

Spent the morning making use of the LED daylight strip lights I bought a while back, makes quite a difference to the overall Lighting.

Friday, 1 May 2020

Beginning of a display

My azalea plant is just about to flood the area with lots of flowers, I took this shot as the display begins.

A week later

Todays excitement

 It was not raining today, so decided to have a walk, stretch the legs. Stopped in at the shops on the way and bought some milk, can't c...