Monday, 27 April 2020


A few days back, I notices a bit of damp outside the back door just at the brickwork and concrete drive area. It had to be coming from the back of the kitchen sink outside wall. The only thing that could be the source of the leak was the dishwasher, so out it came with a struggle.

My years of fault finding proved yet again to be correct and there it was on the wall behind the dishwasher, an array of pipe work and adjustable taps which were left over from when the last house owner had at one time had a water softener plumbed in.

I tried to secure the leaking union on one of the taps using PTFE tape on the tap threads, but to no avail, next day I decided to try the fibreglass and matting method, but no matter how much I applied, it still leaked.

I had enough by now and phoned the local plumber but no response. Decided to ditch the dishwasher anyway, as it never got use, and was a bad fit under the sink, will give it to the local scrappy next time he comes round.

Now to try and find the original kitchen cabinet door which was removed when the washer was installed many years ago.

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