Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Mobile Phone

Getting a bit hacked off with the cost of a BT line rental at £21 a month, checked the last bill and the only call was 99p which was out of the plan hours. Now comes the business of notifying those that use our landline number that soon they will need to use our mobile numbers as we plan to ditch the landline.

With more mobile usage envisaged, it is also time to update my mobile sim plan. Have just ordered from Talkmobile a new sim with unlimited UK calls, unlimited UK texts and 12gig of data, all on a rolling 30 day contract, cost £12 per month.

Your Order Summary

Data Promo Talker D

  • Unlimited UK Minutes
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • 12GB Data Allowance
30 day rolling monthly contract

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