Wednesday, 22 January 2020

2019 in a nutshell

A brief look at what I got up to in 2019. Still using Facebook too much and think it is now time to curtail my activity on that platform for 2020, so will deactivate my account shortly. I intend posting most of my day to day stuff on good old blogger and have added the blog link on my website and email footer.

Gardening took up a fair or should I say a lot of my time, and so far have managed to keep on top of the weeds and generally have a decent spread. It will soon be time to get some work done as the weather has been very mild this winter so far and the weeds are thriving. Spring bulbs are growing apace, and the daffs have buds already. Noticed a broken pane of glass in the greenhouse, so that will need replacing. One of the roof panes No2 on the diagram.

I still enjoy photo restoration work and have done quite a lot over the years, it keeps me busy. Website work takes up a lot of my time, I look after 5 websites as webmaster, but am looking to reduce the workload this year. None of my web work makes any income and purely voluntary.

Health wise I am doing OK, managed to stop smoking a long time back, but am still vaping but without any nicotine, must try and get off that too. I was diagnosed with lower leg vascular problems years back, this causes calf pain, but have managed to cope over the years.

Although I am an honorary member of the Lightning Preservation trust, last year saw a very much reduced attendance due to other circumstances, my best friend passed away and as we both used to go down to Bruntingthorpe together, I lost a bit of enthusiasm, but am sure I will manage to get down more, hopefully this year.

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