Thursday, 11 July 2019

Louth Navigation Trust

Years ago I volunteered to re-write the Louth Navigation Trust website, it took a lot of hard work to revamp what had become a very outdated site. My briefing was that all the history pages should remain, but other than that basically a free license. I am still the webmaster.

2014 one of the Trust members decided to set up a Facebook page to keep up with the modern social media trend. The original FB page owner then left the page to a pal of mine who did a great job up until the end of 2018 when he fell seriously ill and with memory issues, has forgotten the page log on details. So my hopes of sorting out the page came to nothing.

I was asked by the LNT secretary if I could do anything to update matters, but alas I could not. Last week I decided to set up a brand new FB Group  where interested parties could post pictures and update current canal affairs. I am still waiting for a volunteer to take on an Admin role for the Group, as I have enough to do without taking on new tasks.

The hard work of setting up the Group has been done, just waiting on someone to take on the Admin role.

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