Thursday, 25 April 2019

Hospital Appointment

This afternoon I have a hospital appointment for my annual cystoscopy check at Lincoln Hospital. Up till last October I had been attending Louth County Hospital for the check, but due to an equipment failure which has lasted 6 months and 9 cancelled appointments, usually on the day before I was due to attend, so got in touch with Lincoln hospital and eventually got an appointment.

I know the NHS is under a lot of financial stress, but 6 or more months and no resolve to equipment failures, seems a tad long in my mind. I have written to my local MP to ask what is being done to resolve the issue, but will be surprised if I ever get a reply to my question.

So far no phone calls of appointment cancellation, so fingers crossed for a good outcome. 

25th April 2019 Had my check up and all clear, so very happy and next appointment in a years time.

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