Monday, 29 April 2019


The start to my career was in photography, firstly as a darkroom technician in monochrome film development and printing, located in a basement of a large Victorian house in the west end of Dundee in the 1960's. Eventually moving in to the retail side of the business and moving on to one of the largest photographic businesses in Dundee where modern darkroom equipment was used. I saw the introduction of colour processing in its infancy and enjoyed the changes.

I left the photographic trade in 1971 when I enlisted in the Royal Air Force, completing a 22 year engagement as an aircraft electrical engineer. Thinking back to the early years and the equipment I used and bought, is certainly a far cry from the digital cameras in use today. I have had several digital SLR's in my time, and now am quite content with my Panasonic bridge camera, which these days does not get as much use as I would like.

My very first camera bought in the 70's was Halina 35x 35mm film camera and I wish I had kept it, for the price and quality of the lens, it was one of the best.

Found Photo

Yesterday, I was sorting out a box of documents and came across this my very first passport and original photo from the 70's, amazing what bits and pieces get stored away and forgotten. So much better design than the EU version. If and when we do leave the EU it would be good to see the British passport make a return.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Recent Useful purchase

Read somewhere about Diamond sharpening stones, so looked up a YouTube video and was impressed with the results. Bought a stone and holder £10 off eBay last week and they are as good as advertised, one of my better purchases.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Hospital Appointment

This afternoon I have a hospital appointment for my annual cystoscopy check at Lincoln Hospital. Up till last October I had been attending Louth County Hospital for the check, but due to an equipment failure which has lasted 6 months and 9 cancelled appointments, usually on the day before I was due to attend, so got in touch with Lincoln hospital and eventually got an appointment.

I know the NHS is under a lot of financial stress, but 6 or more months and no resolve to equipment failures, seems a tad long in my mind. I have written to my local MP to ask what is being done to resolve the issue, but will be surprised if I ever get a reply to my question.

So far no phone calls of appointment cancellation, so fingers crossed for a good outcome. 

25th April 2019 Had my check up and all clear, so very happy and next appointment in a years time.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

A new Blog

After deleting my last blog, I found that I missed adding relevant posts which were applicable to my everyday life.I also prefer this type of social media, as I have more control of what happens to my content and not subject to all the adverts and other distractions on Facebook and the like.

Todays excitement

 It was not raining today, so decided to have a walk, stretch the legs. Stopped in at the shops on the way and bought some milk, can't c...