Wednesday, 13 January 2021

New Kitchen

Sometime last October we decided that we needed a new kitchen. Following a recommendation we had a survey done, and later visited the showroom where we chose all the fittings and appliances. This week the work began, old kitchen completely stripped out, old appliances scrapped. Yesterday the new kitchen fittings arrived and today the plasterers are at work boarding and skimming the bare walls.

The new fittings will be installed tomorrow and electricians will wire up everything on Friday all being well.

 old kitchen

stripped out

New Units and appliances

Monday, 11 January 2021

BT Landline

Today I cancelled my BT Landline as we both use our mobile phones now. Calls to our landline were few and far between and at £22 a month line rental, was wasting money.

The landline will be live till 10th February

Saturday, 2 January 2021


Decided that it was time to lose the beard, the experiment went OK, and I proved that I could grow a beard, so it was time to remove the facial hair. Also it makes wearing a facemask a lot safer.

Thursday, 31 December 2020


Here we are having had the most horrendous year with Covid-19 and all that entailed. Hogmanay and the current lockdown means stay at home. Not that it makes much difference to what we do here in England these days. 

Gone are the crowd meetings as we used to have back in Dundee, many years ago, with the festivities lasting over a few days, booze flowing freely and houses visited were numerous. Will have a beer and a wee dram in the evening, and then off to bed, to be woken by the folks who take the opportunity to set of a few firworks, before nodding off to sleep.. Happy New Year 2021 and hope for a much better time to come.

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Christmas day.

A strange Christmas day this year with Covid restrictions in place. We stayed home and were visited by family members who were socially distanced and outside in the porch. They were there for a short time and was good to see them all. 

Then it was down to the two of us for Christmas dinne, this time eaten not at a family table, but in front of the TV, it was pointless setting the table just for two. Earlier in the morning we opened our presents and had a good time, just like when we were kids, excitement of taking the wrappings off to discover what was inside.

I had a Chicken Madras curry for my dinner, with a few prawns and duck spring rolls as extras, washed down with a nice Shiraz to complete the mini-feast. Of course it was not the same as having shared the day with family, but staying safe was paramount and there is always next year to catch up. Hope that 2021 brings a bit more normallity to life, but I think that facemasks and the likes will still be with us for quite some time yet.

One of my treasured Christmas gifts from my wife

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

The French

Our so called friends, who we saved from German occupation during WW2 have exceeded their contempt for the UK by closing the borders between UK and themselves over a new virus strain of covid discovered in the UK. 

Hundreds of lorries stuck in the UK, waiting to get home for Christmas and their families are stuck here till Napoleon Macron decides to reverse his decision. So much for a country which still does not accept that the UK is to leave the UK in a few weeks.

New Kitchen

Sometime last October we decided that we needed a new kitchen. Following a recommendation we had a survey done, and later visited the showro...